Taping - Basic information

What is a taping?

The taping is a method where is used the firm or elastic fabric materials for a fixation of joints and muscle groups. These materials are stuck directly to the skin or they can be got under by special materials.

Basic distinctions:

  • Preventive taping is used for healthy individuals such as sportsmen. We use it on the exposed parts of a body (ankles of runners or fingers of volleyball players) where is a risk of injuries. Taping is also good for sportsmen who have already injured (sprains of the ankle). In this case have been the ligaments already damaged and there is a possibility of a new injury.
  • Therapeutic taping is a method that is used for a functional treatment of an acute injury (fixation of the toes after fracture). Because of the limitations of this method (a type of the fracture), it is necessary to be indicated by a doctor.
  • Rehabilitation taping is used for a treatment of the injuries or the conditions after surgery. These conditions are very complicated so it should be always indicated by a doctor who is able to ordain a degree and a form of loads.

Elastic taping is used for a relieving of muscles and joints during the sport loads if it is necessary to play the sports with treated injuries (top sportsmen).

This information is used from a website of doc. MD. Jaroslav Pilný, Ph.D. More information about the taping can be found here.